Why you should choose

Assessing the Whole Student

Students begin Reading Plus with comprehensive assessment that provides a complete picture of each student’s motivation, reading efficiency, and capacity. 

Building Intrinsic Motivation

The motivational framework of Reading Plus provides a pathway to increased levels of interest and confidence.

Increasing Capacity with Complex Texts

Reading Plus provides an extensive library of engaging, cross-cultural informational and literary selections that adhere to grade-appropriate Lexile ® metrics, and provide grade-appropriate levels of vocabulary complexity, sentence length, and word count.


“The impact is profound,” – Susan Williams, teacher at San Mateo School.

Developing Reading Efficiency and Stamina

Reading Plus develops a student’s silent reading fluency, reading rate, and stamina that make reading comfortable and productive.  The program provides essential structure to silent reading by scaffolding content, rate, repetition intensity, and lesson formats.  Students build independent reading skills and confidence that prepare them for high-stakes tests, academic success, and challenges beyond high school.