What They’re Saying About Us!


“Reading Plus has changed how I feel about reading because now I am able to read at a steady speed, am able to read a book with a higher reading level, and can decode words that I’ve never heard just from reading the text. Before Reading Plus, I was completely oblivious. I didn’t care or understand how grades were so important. When I began the program, everything changed. I started seeing my future was within my own control. I began investigating colleges and began to learn how important high school is to my future.  I know that being able to read is the key to my future. I was able to improve my ACT score by five points, and I am able to say I’m proud to be successful and learn. I qualified for the A+ scholarship program and have been accepted into two community colleges.”

KandyceFreshman at Three Rivers College, Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Scott McMullen

“[Reading Plus] has been a really good program. [It’s] generating the data to find out the strengths and weaknesses of our students, giving them repetition on good reading practices, what to look for — just giving them practice reading and setting time aside to do that has been really beneficial. We have a number of students who were advanced on their MAP [Missouri Assessment Program] scores who are actually taking it for enrichment purposes.”- Scott McMullen quoted from the Southeast Missourian, Nov. 4, 2014

Scott McMullenPrincipal, Central Academy of Cape Girardeau, Missouri,
Raymond Peats

“Let me begin by saying how grateful I am for Reading Plus. It has immensely improved my students’ silent reading skills this past year. Frankly, in my over 30 years of teaching, it has been the only reading program that I’ve ever experienced that has materially helped all of my students. The vast majority of my students embraced the challenge of the program and thrived within its framework. After reading about the modifications for next year’s edition of the program, I’m confident my admiration for Reading Plus and its benefits for my students will grow. Also, the pizza party incentive helped motivate my pupils to complete their lessons even as spring drew nearer with its allure of outdoor activities.”

Raymond PeatsRussell Hawkins Junior High School, Jackson, Missouri
Amanda F Casey

“Yvone White, 72, is a first-generation, first-time college student… Reading Plus played a huge role in Yvone’s success this past semester. He worked with gusto, often cheering phrases such as, “YIPPEEE!!”… Yvone’s results are as impressive as his work ethic. Yvone began Reading Plus at 1.9 grade level content and finished working at 9.0 grade level content… Upon leaving at the end of the semester, his eyes filled with tears, Yvone thanked me for the positive experience he had in his first semester. He stated that, “Reading Plus really helped me to read better. I can tell that I’ve learned a lot because it just isn’t as hard as it used to be! I know I can read faster, but the thing is that I remember it all a lot better. And I’m 72 years old. That’s saying a lot!”

Amanda F CaseyInstructor in Reading, Three Rivers College, Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Pam Williams

“A young man 17 years old wanted to join the MERS Scholars at Work Program. He was reading at 4.6 grade level. In order to participate in Scholars at Work he needed an 8th grade reading level and was given the opportunity to utilize Reading Plus to improve his reading fluency and comprehension.  This student took full advantage of the opportunity. He spent at least two hours a day in Reading Plus—at a minimum, one hour a day, and in five weeks he reached the 9.4 grade level and was able to enroll into the Scholars at Work Program! It was his choice, his dream, he did it!” 

Pam WilliamsMERS Scholars, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

“I’m 11 years old, and I’m currently going to Alton Elementary School.  Go Comets! … I enjoyed Reading Plus because it is a computer-based program, is interactive, and is very enjoyable.  I loved the fact that it challenges you, because in school I don’t find challenging materials very often.  It also brought out the competitive side of me, and I’m very glad of this, because without that, I wouldn’t be able to say that I finished the amazing program called Reading Plus!”

JaceStudent at Alton Elementary School, Alton, Missouri
Autumn Stevens

“I have seen remarkable gains in student achievement from my twenty-seven 8th grade students.  For instance, [one student] began the year at a comprehension level of 1st grade.  Currently he is at an 8th grade level and moving forward! Furthermore, his mother told me that she has seen an increase in GPA and better work overall from his classes.  Thanks for reading my current evaluation on this worthwhile program.  I am “Team Reading Plus,” and I hope to see this program grow in our district!”

Autumn Stevens8th Grade Teacher, Jackson Junior High School, Jackson, Missouri
Sharon Balzer

“My classes began using Reading Plus during the 2015-2016 school year.  We used it in the high school level and had two classes of students using the program.  The results were nothing less than amazing!  I do not have enough room in this testimonial to list all of the comments just from students regarding their growth and success.  The competition between students to succeed is just one aspect that really works.  The students in our program had been unsuccessful for so long that they did not expect anything other than the same from Reading Plus.  However, I had a student completing a lesson during a class party because he was determined to reach grade level before the end of the year.  One student exclaimed that she read 15 pages of a book and actually understood what she read.  Another explained that he was passing every class for the first time in his life, and he understood the text in U.S. Government.  I recommend this program to any teacher!”

Sharon BalzerWoodland R-IV High School, Communication Arts 9-12, Marble Hill, Missouri
Amy Swain

“My 11 year old did a month trial with the Reading Plus program during the summer before she entered 6th grade.  At the end of that one month trial she went from reading at the 5th grade level to reading and comprehending at the 7th grade level!  This was after just one month!  The program was easy enough that she could work on it independently and designed that we could both see her progress.  This program not only helped increase her ability, but it increased her confidence!  I am asking our school to check into getting this program or hope to get it for our independent use at home. Additionally, my 8 year old has a reading disorder and this program was recommended for him by a specialist at UMSL.  I can’t be more happy that we were able to try this program out.”

Amy SwainParent, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Sarah Pruden

“Reading Plus is hands down the best differentiated reading instruction currently available. The program is very innovative, constantly evolving to bring you the best data driven results for your students. I used the program for three years in the public school setting with 7th & 8th grade and at-risk students. It did more for them than I could ever dream about teaching them in the classroom. It is perfect for struggling readers, while also challenging proficient readers to become even more so. The selections are mainly high interest non-fiction that all of my students could enjoy. Reading Plus retrains your eyes to naturally do what proficient readers already do, all while maintaining an 80% level of comprehension. When utilized correctly and enthusiastically, you can experience amazing results!”

Sarah PrudenELA instructor for grades 6-8 grades for 17 years, Library Media Specialist 6-12 grades (current)
Tana Bringer

I used the Reading Plus program for an intensive reading room where most of my 24 students tested at a kindergarten level.  With the help of Reading Plus, six of my students qualified for IEP’s, and five had tracking problems that were addressed by doctors. Most of these students then achieved proficient and advance on the Missouri MAP test.  I don’t think this would have been possible without Reading Plus.

Tana Bringer4th Grade Teacher, Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Jennifer Ekstam

“We are really enjoying the program.  Last week our lowest [student’s] average was 77% and everyone else was above 80%.  Many of the students are even completing lessons at home.  It is very engaging, and the students have really enjoyed some of the stories and talked to me about them.  Often when they are getting weary toward the end of the school day I will say ‘why don’t you go do a reading plus lesson,’ and they perk right up.”

Jennifer EkstamHigh School Special Education teacher, Bell City, Missouri