Reading is the gateway to the world!  Whether you want to be successful in academics or business, or just want to enrich your life with a good book, reading is the key to unlock your mind and broaden your horizons.  At the Learning Lab we are in the business of changing the way people read.

Mission: We will…

• provide students with an avenue for learning from improving basic reading skills to increasing ACT scores.

• move students toward positive self-efficacy and closer to reaching their life goals.

• encourage students to think and to find a way or make one.

Mindset:  We will model…

• the power of positive words to approach difficult tasks.

• how to meet a challenge; wonder, think, and discover a solution.

• a mindset of “you haven’t learned it…yet!

Goals For ALL Students…

• to complete each session with a feeling of accomplishment.

• to finish the session with tangible evidence of success.

Our Goal

The Reading Solutions for All Learning Lab’s goal is to bridge the gap between learning to read and loving to read. We take students from where they are, discover what they need, and move them toward their goal as quickly as possible.  Certified educators use Orton-Gillingham methods and MaxScholar and Reading Plus online programming to support students in improving reading skills. Using our programs, students can improve their reading skills by up to two grade levels in just one semester!

Become the Reader You Want to Be

At the Learning Lab you will receive diagnostic screening and individualized programming to fit your reading needs. Certified teachers work with students one-on-one or in small group settings and closely supervise their progress. Our web-based programs give you the ability to utilize the program from any internet-connected device at home or on the go.

Whether you are a beginning reader, in elementary or middle school, preparing for the college placement tests, or need career training, the Learning Lab will help you become the reader you want to be. 


The Learning Lab meets students where they are and caters to their specific needs.  Our programs support ESL students to become efficient readers with good comprehension and expanded vocabulary. We use Orton-Gillingham and Lindamood-Bell methods which are proven to help students with dyslexia learn to read.  Our Vision Intervention Program will work to correct students’ functional vision problems making it easier to process text, focus, and visualize.  Even students in high school or college will see improvements in their reading skills.


Enrollment at the Reading Solutions for All Learning Lab is open now.  Space is limited, so sign up today!

For more information call 573-609-2294 or toll free at 866-826-8276, email us via our Contact page, or stop by the Learning Lab at 1125 Herschel Bess Blvd, Ste. 3, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901. 

Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 10 AM – 7 PM

Saturday by appointment

Don’t wait to unlock your academic potential!

Reading Plus is the only reading intervention program that prepares students to engage with complex text by developing all three dimensions of successful readers: capacity, efficiency, and motivation.  Developed in partnership with leading reading researchers, the personalized and dynamically adjusting program is proven to increase reading achievement for students in grades 3 and beyond.

  • Assessing the Whole Student
  • Building Intrinsic Motivation
  • Developing Reading Efficiency and Stamina
  • Increasing Capacity with Complex Texts
  • Monitoring Progress

Assessing the Whole Student

Students begin Reading Plus with comprehensive assessment that provides a complete picture of each student’s motivation, reading efficiency, and capacity.  Using the data gathered, the program determines the student’s initial placement within the various components and creates an individualized and responsive instructional path with personalized goals for each student.  Multiple forms of the assessment, administered throughout the year, provide accurate and dependable benchmarks to measure student progress over time and assist teachers in making data-driven instructional decisions.

Building Intrinsic Motivation

The motivational framework of Reading Plus provides a pathway to increased levels of interest and confidence.  Students are provided with frequent opportunities for success and recognition as they achieve ever-greater levels of mastery.  Achieving successive performance milestones builds self-efficacy and ability, allowing students to enjoy reading while gaining insight and knowledge.

Developing Reading Efficiency and Stamina

Reading Plus develops a student’s silent reading fluency, reading rate, and stamina that make reading comfortable and productive.  The program provides essential structure to silent reading by scaffolding content, rate, repetition intensity, and lesson formats.  Students build independent reading skills and confidence that prepare them for high-stakes tests, academic success, and challenges beyond high school.

Increasing Capacity with Complex Texts

Reading Plus provides an extensive library of engaging, cross-cultural informational and literary selections that adhere to grade-appropriate Lexile ® metrics, and provide grade-appropriate levels of vocabulary complexity, sentence length, and word count.  These rigorous controls ensure students encounter ever-increasing levels of text complexity.  As a student demonstrates mastery in Reading Plus, the selections presented will have richer academic vocabulary, increasing word counts, and deeper examinations of topics and themes.  For students who require support, the program provides personalized scaffolds that develop the capacity needed to read and comprehend complex texts.

Monitoring Progress

Reading Plus provides educators and administrators with access to an extensive management and reporting system to track student use and progress within all of the program’s components at the district, site, class, and individual student level.  Customizable reporting options allow administrators and teachers to isolate and combine measures of various sub-populations to facilitate ongoing reviews of implementation fidelity and student achievement.

Contact a Reading Plus Educational Consultant Today!

Our office is located at 1125 Herschel Bess Blvd. Ste. 3, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

Give us a call at 573-609-2294 or toll free at 866-826-8276.   Email us through the Contact page.

For more information on Reading Plus visit or call 800-READ-PLUS.

What they’re saying about us

Scott McMullen

“[Reading Plus] has been a really good program. [It’s] generating the data to find out the strengths and weaknesses of our students, giving them repetition on good reading practices, what to look for — just giving them practice reading and setting time aside to do that has been really beneficial. We have a number of students who were advanced on their MAP [Missouri Assessment Program] scores who are actually taking it for enrichment purposes.”

Scott McMullenPrincipal, Central Academy of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, quoted from the Southeast Missourian, Nov. 4, 2014
Raymond Peats

“Let me begin by saying how grateful I am for Reading Plus. It has immensely improved my students’ silent reading skills this past year. Frankly, in my over 30 years of teaching, it has been the only reading program that I’ve ever experienced that has materially helped all of my students. The vast majority of my students embraced the challenge of the program and thrived within its framework. After reading about the modifications for next year’s edition of the program, I’m confident my admiration for Reading Plus and its benefits for my students will grow. Also, the pizza party incentive helped motivate my pupils to complete their lessons even as spring drew nearer with its allure of outdoor activities.” 

Raymond PeatsRussell Hawkins Junior High School, Jackson, Missouri
Amanda F Casey

“Yvone White, 72, is a first-generation, first-time college student… Reading Plus played a huge role in Yvone’s success this past semester. He worked with gusto, often cheering phrases such as, “YIPPEEE!!”… Yvone’s results are as impressive as his work ethic. Yvone began Reading Plus at 1.9 grade level content and finished working at 9.0 grade level content… Upon leaving at the end of the semester, his eyes filled with tears, Yvone thanked me for the positive experience he had in his first semester. He stated that, “Reading Plus really helped me to read better. I can tell that I’ve learned a lot because it just isn’t as hard as it used to be! I know I can read faster, but the thing is that I remember it all a lot better. And I’m 72 years old. That’s saying a lot!” 

Amanda F CaseyInstructor in Reading, Three Rivers College, Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Pam Williams

“A young man 17 years old wanted to join the MERS Scholars at Work Program. He was reading at 4.6 grade level. In order to participate in Scholars at Work he needed an 8th grade reading level and was given the opportunity to utilize Reading Plus to improve his reading fluency and comprehension.  This student took full advantage of the opportunity. He spent at least two hours a day in Reading Plus—at a minimum, one hour a day, and in five weeks he reached the 9.4 grade level and was able to enroll into the Scholars at Work Program! It was his choice, his dream, he did it!” 

Pam WilliamsMERS Scholars, Cape Girardeau, Missouri